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Ph.D. Stony Brook University

B.S. New York University


Contact Information:

Lisa completed her Bachelor's in Chemistry at NYU in 2011 and her Ph.D. in Chemistry at Stony Brook University in 2016. She has been recognized for her teaching abilities, having won several TA awards during her graduate career. Her passion and commitment to quality education at the undergaduate level has piqued her interest in the field of Chemical Education where she hopes to do high-impact research aimed at addressing major issues with the current state of education in the sciences.


1. Collaborative Research: Assessing the Longitudinal Impact of Noyce Awards on the Subject Matter Knowledge of Beginning STEM Teachers in the US: A Comparative Study

2. HHMI Inclusive Excellence Initiative 2017

3. PDConnect: A Scalable Community Approach to Improving Instruction in AP Chemistry Nationwide
4. Collaborative Research: Investigating Classroom Discourse in Active Learning Environments for Large Enrollment Chemistry Courses

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