K-12 STEM Teacher Leadership

The Leadership Trajectory: Developing Classroom Teachers into Teacher Leaders

Active Group Members: Dawn Nachtigall

Collaborators: Dr. David Rosengrant, Dr. Brett Criswell

Funding Sources: National Science Foundation (NSF) #1035451

We are currently investigating how professional development can encourage teachers to evolve from proficient leaders of their classrooms to inspiring leaders in the field of education.  Our project includes 32 High School Chemistry and Physics teachers that take part in organized, ongoing professional development.  Teaching Fellows (new teachers) are paired with Master Teaching Fellows (experienced teachers) while considering issues related to both teaching and leadership.  We propose that the development of effective teacher leaders requires attention to both the professional identity and professional vision of the teacher.  Our research considers how development of both of these encourages teachers to move along a trajectory from fully functioning person in the classroom to learning partner and scholar in their school community and beyond.