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M.A. Stony Brook University
M.S. Stony Brook University
B.A. Vassar College

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Heather’s interest in optics and molecular science led her to study physics and chemistry as an undergraduate. She later studied vibronic-coupling and metal-cluster chemistry, under Philip Johnson, to earn her Master of Science in Physical Chemistry. Heather works in the teaching labs at St. John’s University and has been an adjunct science instructor since 2005. Prior to joining the Science Education program, she earned a Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration, focusing on ways Student and Academic Affairs can and should collaborate and coordinate to support student development. She joins the Rushton Group to study, develop, and ultimately diffuse effective methods for physics and chemistry education in the post-secondary setting. At home, she’s blessed with four amazing boys and a loving husband. She loves her bee garden and bird sanctuary, and spends a lot of time laying in the grass bird-watching and photographing pollinators in action.

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